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  • I live in a rock
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is uhhhhhhh
  • I am thingy
  • Bio hoopla
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hi im cs (crazysponge)


 Hoopla Fishcstalk to kinghoopla44the o dude's finest work   August 5th, 2018 - 9:16 PM EST 

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I don't know what to put here

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  • believe me, i'm a good writer that can spell very wull
  • i mostly have good grammar
  • i post when i want to
  • my network is Box Productions. old logo is right there
  • streaming service is Cut-Out
  • I also own Fox Elders
  • i love hoopla
  • dont forget classic "o"
  • who is this zorp zorp guy? i did not help create Earth: The Show
  • i always joke
  • no one gets my jokes
  • well, most of the time
  • i mean if i see a joke opportunity im gonna take it
  • i can become irrational and weird when very stressed or up late at night, so uh, be warned i guess?
  • i invented interactive pages
  • this page is a mess
  • brick
  • Fortnite 2
  • i made the season 100 banner
    Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 6.07.51 PM
  • i made the all-out hoopla season on spongebob squarepants fanon
  • if i write something that is just yours, it is just a coincidence.
    My Pretty Seahorse 19
  • other wiki is The Imagination Wiki
  • joke wiki is Hoopla Fanon Wiki
  • bah (first word)
  • balls
  • indeeded
  • zoink
  • oooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • ACKubysahaydfgyehdfyuchssreiufsdhcesrdfuehwiusSTROKEHELPYSTYGGUUGDUKGHJSG
  • nice
  • mate
  • gnaradical
  • Yes
  • i'm great
  • this: Imagine (Meme World)
  • member of The Meme Council
  • Crazysponge's first ever edit - first edit, legendary moment
  • User:CrazySponge/Sandbox, don't touch thx
  • also, User:CrazySponge/Archives
  • please read my stuff

current shows i work on n stuff


(spongebob n stuff not included)

Hoopla Fish

This article is approved by a dumb guy called CrazySponge, so shout out a Hoopla for it!

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CrazySponge Absolutely, 100%, No doubt, HATES this article. DO NOT HOOPLA AT ALL COSTS!


i probably dont care about this article but the logo is great so yeah - crazysponge

friends (fellow bruhthers)

  • purps (small iq)
  • matchy (mouse)
  • para (nova)
  • primitive (hoopla's not gay)
  • vanessa (ding dong bing bong)
  • polar (i love pie)
  • bot (white duck)
  • ciciciciciciciciciciciciciciciciciccicicicicicicciciciccicicicicicicicicicicicicicicicicicicicity (H)
  • jasbre (black duck)
  • lock (travis 2)
  • ace (underager alert)
  • dan (degenerate)
  • pluto (EVERYONE, join the anti-crazy clan)
  • notjoe (dont ask who joel s)
  • granite (dont forget about 1.0 and 2.0)
  • offlinejoe (currently offline)
  • zoltan (how are you a city)
  • disruption man, eb's dad (1), Red Flanders (?), Patrick Star
  • i forgot


  • everyone else


The Blasted Buffoon Choice Awards 2018 - Best New Writer - Best New User ____SPINOFFS____ - Best Episode-Bubble Buddy Goes to Work - Worst Episode-Spongebob Makes a Horrific bowl of soup

there's prob more but i forgot


  • 1,000 edits - yes
  • 2,000 edits - yes
  • 3,000 edits - yes
  • 4,000 edits - yes
  • 5,000 edits - yes
  • 6,000 edits - yes
  • 6,900 edits - yes
  • 6,969 edits - yes
  • 7,000 edits - yes
  • 8,000 edits - not yet
  • rollback - yes
  • content mod - yes
  • crat and admin - yes
  • crat and admin - no
  • discussion mod - yes
  • discussion mod - no
  • discussion mod and rollback - yes
  • discussion mod and rollback - no
  • content mod [2] - no
  • content mod [3] - yes
  • content mod [3] - no
  • user - yes


danger zone - toxic radiation in these areas

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Neon version of the CS logo.


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this gnarly dude is a bingbonger


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