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Greetings, i am lock. You may know me from my various works of fanon, such as Cult of Squid, Plankton Moves, and multiple others.

Please use she/her pronouns for me. I am a transgender female, so if you accidentally use "he" i wont blame you.

I am a socialist, too.

If you have any questions regarding my works of fanon or the wiki in general please do not hesitate and ask me on my message wall. I'll respond as soon as I am able to. (If i never respond i probably just don't know how to respond)


Spinoffs i currently work on

Stuff I created

Acquired Ownership

(Note: this list is obviously very incomplete. I just can't be assed to update it.)

Spinoffs I've previously worked on

(Note: this list is obviously very incomplete. I just can't be assed to update it.)

My Companies


My Favorite Spinoffs

I don't read many spin-offs here, but from what I've read here are some of my favorites:


Please dont ask to be put on this list. I will most likely ignore any messages asking to be put on here.

People i hate

there aren't many people i dislike on this wiki, or at least none to the point where i'd say i "hated" them.

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