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This user is a bureaucrat of the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.
Any problems concerning the site should go on their message wall.
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This user is an administrator of SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.
Any problems concerning the site should go on their message wall.
List of Admins: DanzxvFan8275 - Locknloaded23 - PolarTem - Purple133

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Purple133 is a dank user of this wiki. He made some hit shows like ZPW and Evicted! He also owns Purple Incorporated

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This number is special to me.


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  • See Roommates hit five seasons - Not Done
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I have made a lot of spin-offs and some people have trouble keeping track of them, so here's a handy dandy list! (Note: These are spin-offs created by me; spin-offs I write for are not included. Spin-Offs I've gained ownership to will be included for some reason though)


Note: Some of these have been purchased by other people and/or had ownership transferred, but they're still active spin-offs I made.


Note: None of these spin-offs are active anymore.

Transferred Ownership to Purple133

Note: I didn't make these originally but the ownership was eventually given to me.

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