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  • I live in Manila, Philippines
  • I was born on November 10
  • I am a Filipino


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Philippine Patriot
Born and raised in the Philippines, these people have access to things not available to other nationalities. So, eat your Jollibee meal, turn on the karaoke machine, and #DU30.
Makabayang Pilipino
Isinilang sa Pilipinas, ang mga Pilipino ay may hagdan sa mga bagay na hindi mayroon sa mga iba. Kaya, kainin mo na ang baon mong Jollibee, buksan ang karaoke, at #DU30.

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Hi! I'm SBCA but you can call me Luis. :)

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My History on This Wiki


Entrance to the Wiki, June 2014

"How did I first come to visit this wiki?", one may ask. That's pretty simple, one summer evening I was on Logopedia, the first wiki that I have ever encountered and I was searching for other wikis. An obvious choice was to check if there was a SpongeBob Wiki, and of course, there was. I entered the chat (the first time being on Wikia chat) and noticed that I was in the middle of a discussion. So I headed on to the main page, and there I saw a news saying "NEW EPISODE PREMIERES TODAY!". After I clicked the link, I realized that it has been put by a person who just wanted to advertise his fanon. It lead me to a place called the "SpongeBob Fanon Wiki". Thus, I entered the chat to find someone talking about how much someone else's art sucked. I just said "Hi" and got multiple greetings. So literally, I came here by complete accident. If that person hadn't spammed on the ESB home page, then I wouldn't probablt be here today. So...thank you Mr. Anonymous Person, I really appreciate it. XD

First Spin-Off, June 2014-August 2014

After entering the wiki, I decided to make my own spin-off, which to be later bruttally bashed or either gladly accepted, "SpongeToons". It was after that I found great new friends and soon after called this wiki as my new home.

Support From the Community and Hiatus, August 2014-November 2014

During my pain through the raging typhoon, you guys supported me and helped me through these tough times. I then escallated this new spin-off to being a popular spin-off. Although it was negatively recieved, I did enjoy working with a couple of friends of mine. However, a long hiatus, caused by increasing schoolwork slowed me down.

The Great Comeback, November 2014-December 2014

During the turn of November 2014, I returned to the wiki, greater than ever. SpongeToons got its first movie and generally recieved mixed reviews. Better news was I was back more active than ever! 

Great Support From the Wiki, December 2014

After my grandfather passed away, the whole community helped me through another rough road in my life. I thanked all of you so much for all that support and help.

Basket Sponge, December 2014-Late 2015

During Christmas 2014, Mike, Adam, and I decided to create a new spin-off, Basket Sponge. We all had no idea that it would turn out to become the most loved spin-off of the month and the most active of December, it just kept growing and growing. Then, I attempted to create a new spin-off which failed badly. But I soon became a very devout member of the SBFW Community. All I know is that my future in this community is looking bright and bold.

Everything After (Admin, Bureaucrat), February 2015-present

i became content mod twice, admin thrice, and bureaucrat thrice.

My Friends

updated list (those who are actually active rn)


  • 50 edits- Done
  • 100 edits- Done
  • 250 edits- Done
  • 500 edits- Done
  • 1,000 edits- Done
  • 1,250 edits- Done
  • 1,500 edits- Done
  • 1,750 edits- Done
  • 2,000 edits- Done
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  • 2,500 edits- Done
  • 2,750 edits- Done
  • 3,000 edits- Done
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  • 3,750 edits- Done
  • 4,000 edits- Done
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  • 4,750 edits- Done
  • 5,000 edits- Done
  • 5,200 edits- Done
  • Top 20 On Leaderboard- Done
  • Win An Award- Done
  • Become Admin- Done (2015-2016), Done (2016-2017)
  • Become Chat Mod/Rollback - Done
  • Become Bureaucrat- Done (2017)
  • Contribute for 30 days in a row- Done



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