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Absorbent Days presents An Absorbent Memory.


An Absorbent Memory
  • [short begins with SpongeBob, sitting on a couch next to Harold SquarePants; both of them are looking at at family pictures]
  • SpongeBob: Ooh! [points to a picture of himself as a toddler, holding a spatula] A picture of me flipping my first Krabby Patty.
  • Harold: Yep. [sighs in remembrance] Best dinner I've ever had, SpongeBob. Fact.
  • Margaret: [stops at arch with laundry basket in hand] Best dinner? Don't you like my cooking, Harold?
  • Harold: [turns page] Hey. There's me throwing up after eating the Margaret Surprise. [basket of laundry falls on his head]
  • SpongeBob: [points to picture] Hey, who's this? And why does he have on a war uniform?
  • Harold: [takes clothes off head] That, SpongeBob, is your great-grandfather, Robert Edward SquarePants.
  • SpongeBob: Was he famous?
  • Harold: Oh, a great deal back in his time.
  • SpongeBob: What did he do?
  • Harold: He is one of the best war veterans in Bikini Bottom.
  • Margaret: [walks in] Precisely. He once took out fifteen members of the opposing team in a single afternoon.
  • SpongeBob: Really? [holds cheeks] Wow, he sounded like a great guy.
  • Harold: He was. A great granddad, he was. I always saw him during holidays and on New Years. [sighs] He was the best grandfather a fella could have.
  • SpongeBob: Where is he now dad?
  • Harold: Well, sadly, he perished in the war. He would have been fifty-two that following week.
  • SpongeBob: Ah. [stands up and points finger in air] We should celebrate his greatness!
  • Harold: We will tomorrow, SpongeBob. [walks to calender] Tomorrow will be Memorial Day, and that is when we celebrate fallen soldiers who fought in the war. [writes "Memorial Day" on calender on number "27"] Tomorrow will be the day to give back thanks to him.
  • Margaret: Oh, like what thanks? You mean the thanks to your granddad about bringing you back war treaties because my mother also could not cook?
  • Harold: Don't start with me, Margaret. [all of the group begin laughing]
  • [short ends with a camera shot of the picture of Robert E. SquarePants; the camera then appears with text that reads "Happy Memorial Day!"]

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