Sorry about not publishing those shorts I promised in my last blog post, but now, to keep my two spin-offs active, please enjoy this blog episode I created.

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Absorbent Days presents Blabber Mouth!


Blabber Mouth
  • [short begins at the Chum Bucket laboratory; Plankton is working on an unknown machine]
  • Plankton: [welds piece of metal into machine] It's done! It's finally done! [laughs] The gizmo I've worked on all day is finally complete!
  • Karen: [stands up from couch] Is it? Is it finally complete? [rolls to machine] I've waited all day, and not just because you tied me to the sofa for the first hour and a half.
  • Plankton: Which proves that you should start listening to me more. [holds up cylindrical-shaped blaster] It's perfect, Karen! Absolutely marvelous, I tell you!
  • Karen: What is it?
  • Plankton: It's a larynx immobility static transmitter! [laughs evilly] Whoever falls victim to its sonic blast won't be able to utter a single word for possibly hours! In other words, Krabs won't be able to shout for the police this time when I try to steal his formula!
  • Karen: How do you even know what it does? What are you going to test it on? You know, you should really start testing your machines more often. And have you even seen...[continues nagging]
  • Plankton: [points blaster at Karen] I command you to hush, woman! [blasts Karen with ray]
  • Karen: [feels at suspension rod; monitor appears with words "YOU KNOW I CAN JUST TALK LIKE THIS, RIGHT?"]
  • Plankton: No time to chat, Karen. [laughs] I have a formula to steal! [runs out of Chum Bucket]
  • [scene cuts to Plankton, approaching the Krusty Krab with blaster]
  • Plankton: Time to get me some customers. [busts into doors] Freeze!...your talking. [begins blasting several fish] I want to see Krabs!
  • [fish hand reaches into scene with a platter of crabs]
  • Plankton: No, not those crabs! [whacks away plate] That Krabs! [points to a scared Mr. Krabs] Time to say "bye", Krabs...[holds up blaster] if you can speak at all. [blasts Mr. Krabs]
  • Mr. Krabs: No! [hit with blast; reaches at throat; eyes widen with fear; begins running around, waving hands in the air]
  • Plankton: How about the fry cook now? [blasts SpongeBob, who is looking fearfully through the window] Ha ha! [hops onto register boat; holds blaster to a sleeping Squidward] Eh. He's snoring pretty loudly. [blasts Squidward, who's snores stops]
  • [Plankton hops into the kitchen]
  • Plankton: Time to steal a formula. [hops from approaching SpongeBob] Ooh. So close yet so far. [hops into slightly open kitchen door, leading to Mr. Krabs's office] I'm in the clear! [hops to safe] I've done it! I'm going to steal the Krabby Patty formula! Come to me, formula. Come to Plankton. [walks toward safe]
  • [safe rises, revealing a male fish's face]
  • Police Officer: Not so fast, minuscule master of crime. [picks up Plankton] The only thing coming to you is a cold jail cell and hard time.
  • Plankton: Huh? [looks up at cage logo on police officer's hat] guys shouldn't be able to talk. The larynx...
  • Karen: [rolls into scene] It wears off, Plankton. Also, look at this flashback that is about to happen right
  • [flashback begins]
  • Karen: [at the Chum Bucket laboratory; nagging] ...And have you even seen the instructions? [points to instructions] See? It clearly states "Does not work on police officers".
  • [back to present day]
  • Plankton: I know there's a lesson I was supposed to learn here, but I don't know what.
  • Karen: It's simple, honey. It just proves that you should start listening to me more. [Karen and police officer begin laughing]
  • [short ends]

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