I've been trying to adopt this wiki for ages now, and I finally received this message:

"I merged your request with JellyfishJam's previous request on the adoption page; I just wanted to let you know it had been moved, but not lost. Both requests are currently on hold; there are a lot of active users on this community so you guys need to have a discussion about new leadership. JellyfishJam doesn't appear to have ever started one, so perhaps you can. You can choose more than one admin or bureaucrat if that is wanted. A blog post is often a good way to do this; give it a week to let everyone have a chance to discuss things. Then let us know the results (preferably with a link to the discussion) back on the adoptions page. -- Wendy (talk)03:44, August 7, 2011 (UTC)"

So, here is the discussion; should I adopt this wiki or not? I plan to give administrative rights to a few others now that most of the admins are inactive.

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