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Yesterday, Mr. Pecks announced that No Malarkey In Bikini Bottom was cancelled. He did this despite me and Kelpy G, the other two owners of the series, opposing cancellation. When this cancellation was subsequently legally challenged by Mr. G on the basis that Mr. Pecks represents a minority of the show's owners, Officer Cisneros ruled in Mr. Pecks' favor, claiming that since Rule #2 of the Community Page Policy and Rule #1 of the Rating Policy grant special priveleges to creators (rather than owners), Mr. Pecks thus has the authority as creator to cancel the series. I fund this legal interpretation to be dubious at best, since nowhere in the policy is it actually stated that ability to cancel series belongs to the creator rather than the owner, and the implications of it are absurd: if we were to follow Officer Cisneros' interpretation, then someone who isn't the (or even an) owner of a fanon work would have the ability to cancel it, if they were the original creator. Regardless, I have introduced this proposal to ensure that the law is undisputable. 

Modification of Policy 

  • Only the creator owner of the page can mark it as a community page: Users can not create a proposal to nationalize a page. All proposals that are made for the purpose of making something a community page will be swiftly declared invalid.
  • Only the creator owner and content moderators/administrators have the authority to rate a page. The creator owner of the work, who made it himself and knows what he wrote, is allowed to rate their own work. Only content moderators and administrators have been deemed fit by the community to manage all the content here. Anyone else who rates a work will be warned, then blocked. If a user feels that a work needs to be rated, they can report it to someone who is allowed to.

Addition Of Policy 

  • The majority of owners must agree to decisions: In cases where a work is owned by more than one owner, decisions (for example on whether to cancel the series or create a sequel/spin-off) must be agreed upon by a majority of owners. 

Note: This proposal is applied retroactively.  #UncancelNMIBB (talk) 20:43, September 2, 2020 (UTC)