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"We hope to see "moar" from this spin-off!" ― We Want Moar Awards

The We Want Moar Awards (or the WWMAs) are awards only given out by IHeartSpongeBob. They are given out

This is what each award looks like.

to honour those articles that IHeartSpongeBob thinks deserves the award.


The first WWMA was presented on November 24, 2012. They have been handed out a several times since.


WWMAs typically have the meme "Moar Krabs" in the background, with a blue "we" to the left, an orange "want" to the right, a purple-pink "moar of" in the middle, and the name of the article at the bottom in lime green. The appearance may change at some point.


These are the current winners of the WWMAs.

Photo Article Date Notes
Moar Award LP!.png Leader Plankton! November 24, 2012
Moar Award RA Revised.png SpongeBob SquarePants: Rocketship Adventures November 24, 2012
Moar Award Reality.png SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show November 25, 2012
Moar Award AD.png Absorbent Days November 25, 2012
Moar Award Squidward Files.png The Squidward Files December 22, 2012
Moar Award New Adventures IJLSA.png The New Adventures of the IJLSA December 25, 2012 Replaced Moar Award for Spongebob Hero Series.
Moar Award Pearlorette.png Pearlorette January 15, 2013 First award for Pearlorette.
Moar Award BB Chronicles.png Bikini Bottom Chronicles January 24, 2013
Moar Award SB LP.png SpongeBob LovePants February 4, 2013 First award for SpongeBob LovePants.
Moar Award Cyberpunk.png Cyberpunk February 5, 2013
Moar Award BBE.png Bikini Bottom Elementary February 5, 2013 First award for Bikini Bottom Elementary.
Moar Award SB and JN The Series.png SpongeBob and Jimmy Neutron: The Series February 9, 2013
Moar Award Evidence.png Evidence March 16, 2013
Moar Award SB Infection.png SpongeBob: Infection April 6, 2013
Moar Award SB vs. Aliens.png SpongeBob vs. Aliens April 6, 2013 First award for SpongeBob vs. Aliens.
Moar Award TSAOPS.png The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star May 6, 2013
STS Moar Award.png Sworn to Secrecy August 23, 2013